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Twitter came up with a new Feature: ‘’Test of New Button’’

The previous month, Twitter recently enclosed information about its new feature. According to Twitter, it said that it is working on a feature that will let all of the users to switch between the tweets. Previously the Twitter users needed to follow the chronological order of the tweets, i.e. they could view or assess them the way they occurred. But, with the new update, people can easily switch on to the new tweets or the current tweets, and they can still follow the chronological order of the tweets. For the apple users, Twitter has made it a lot easier to switch into one of the two orders.

Twitter stated that there are some people who want to live in the current affairs and want to know everything new that happens. This feature is basically for these people. The users can simply choose from their timeline that which order they want to follow. This all comes with a star icon that is present at the top of the page at the rightside. This star icon has replaced the previous tweet composing icon. But Twitter still needs to find out whether people are going to accept this change or not.

When any feature is launched or new updates are introduced, the most important thing that matters is how audience is going to take it. Hence, Twitter needs to make their users understand the new feature. Some people might not understand new feature and switch on to some other platform. This will not only reduce audience but also lessen engagement. Therefore, Twitter needs to provide a lot of information about the feature to its users so that they don’t switch over.

Twitter has shown highest levels of engagement throughout the past years when they had the old order that is the algorithm. Now they are taking a huge risk but they are positively hoping for a good response from their users.

Twitter is going to conduct between the users. This test will disclose whether people want to follow the old order of tweets or the new one. And, also this will tell about the number of people who want to discover new things and want to keep an eye on the recent tweets.

Besides this new feature, there are a few other things that Twitter needs to consider. It is now working on fonts. Twitter is trying every possible thing that is going to satisfy the user and provide value to the user. Twitter is making various updates in its features to increase its audience as well as engagement.

Now, we are waiting to look how this feature affects the audience of Twitter. Are people going to love it and accept the new update, or are people going to stop using Twitter and switch over to other social platforms? This is still a risky question. But, Twitter is hopeful that people are going to accept it and adapt themselves to the new feature.

Merging Facebook Ads with Email marketing

In the beginning of the internet email has been the most important feature to be able to communicate. For marketers, email marketing was the main approach to advertise their products or different services. Now the large portion of the internet market is occupied by the social media platforms. Social media platforms have been playing an important role in changing our view of the societies, businesses, brand strategies, marketing and advertising strategies. Still the email marketing here in this year because of its importance and how it stayed connected with the latest communication platforms. Emails are still used to stay in touch with the users for any platform of any type.

There are different steps to merge the Facebook Ads with the email marketing is to first set up Facebook ads so that you can start advertising any brand or business. It will create traffic towards the brands or businesses. Before posting ads make sure to read the policies of the social media platform which you are using for advertisements.

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As Facebook & Instagram are one of the top social media platforms in terms of social media marketing, the followers have to make sure to understand the marketing and advertising policies of the Facebook. While uploading the ads the social media platforms will guide the user through the ad format which will allow the user to choose the options which will best suit their advertisement campaign.

Another way of merging the Facebook ads with the email marketing is to create landing pages for the websites of brands and businesses. These landing pages will allow the visitors to see the first thing on the website and that is to tell the visitor to subscribe with the website. For this the user will use his or her email which can be used to advertise products and services.

The third step is to tell the users to subscribe with their emails and use can use these emails to communicate with the users. This can still be done with the Social media platforms but the email marketing still has a position in the internet marketing which is why it is important to be a part of this approach. Through emails different brands and businesses will show offers and other latest stuff regarding the brands which is a good move for marketing. You can share any kind of update with the users which will help to keep the users up to date with anything that is going on with the brands that you have subscribed with.

This is why it is very important to merge the Facebook ads with the email marketing because it will help to generate the traffic towards the brands’ social media accounts and their official websites, both of these share their value for marketing or advertising campaigns. Every type of advertisement can be pull of by using these approaches and also for increasing your audience because it is very important to do that. Targeting the right kind of audience is very important.